Blister Packaging and Multi-Dose Packaging

At The Drug Store of Perrysburg, our pharmacists understand that remembering to take a single medication is often difficult enough. Correctly taking multiple medications over the course of a single day can be even harder. Because we care about our customer’s ongoing health, we want to take the confusion out of taking medication any way we can. One way we help you remember to take your prescriptions is by offering specialty multi-dose packaging, expertly prepared by our pharmacists. We offer multi-dose packaging to all of our customers and can prepare roughly a month’s worth of all your medications at once. Specialty packaging options can be combined with prescription synchronization and medication delivery in the Greater Toledo area to make staying healthy easier.

Blister Packaging: Also known as bubble packing, this method of packaging prescription medication is designed to make taking multiple medications or taking a single medication on an unusual dosing schedule easier. Safety sealed bubbles in foil and paper grid packaging let you see your daily dosages for morning, noon, afternoon, and evening across all your prescriptions. With blister packaging, The Drug Store of Perrysburg has already scheduled your dosing so you cannot miss a dose, over dose, or under dose. All you have to do is take your medications on the dates and times indicated on each bubble.

Prescription Cassettes: For our customers on-the-go The Drug Store of Perrysburg can package a week’s worth of medication in prescription cassettes. These cassettes offer the same convenience as our blister packaging, but are refillable and portable. Take just what you need for the day and stash it in your purse or jacket pocket!

Specialty packaging like blister packaging is right for anyone who is following a complicated regimen of medication, patients with physical and mental conditions that make taking medication difficult, caregivers who are distributing medicines, and people who lead busy lives and don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about their prescriptions. The Drug Store of Perrysburg in Ohio also offers twist off and pop off top options that make opening prescription bottles safe and easy for customers who may have hand strength and coordination considerations. Our goal is always to be more than just a source for your prescriptions. We want to be a part of the prescription for a better you.

If you or a family member could benefit from our specialty packaging service, please don’t hesitate to call The Drug Store of Perrysburg at (419) 873-9100 to discuss our prescription fulfillment options and your medication needs.