Prescriptions and Services

The Drug Store of Perrysburg is a full-service pharmacy that operates on the premise that our customers deserve a higher level of service. It’s what makes us different from retail pharmacies. We care about your health and we know that dealing with medication, insurance, and health concerns isn’t always easy. When you come to us with your prescriptions, we strive to make the process of getting and taking medication convenient, easy to understand, and safe. Our pharmacists get to know you and your family, so you can be sure that you’re always getting the right medication, at the right dosages.

In addition to traditional prescription fulfillment, we also offer the following services.

Face-to-Face: Our pharmacists are always ready to discuss your medications with you. Specifically, we are able to share information about dosages, how to take each medication, side effects, and possible drug interactions, and any concerns you may have that fall outside these areas. Please, never hesitate to ask us your questions!

Free Medication Delivery: Making sure that The Drug Store of Perrysburg customers have access to the medications they need is important to us, so we offer free medication delivery in Perrysburg and the Greater Toledo area, including Bowling Green, Point Place, Walbridge, Sylvania, Ottawa Hills, Oregon, Maumee, Waterville, East Toledo, Monclova, Downtown Toledo, South Toledo, and Swanton. If you’re wondering whether your location is part of our medication delivery area, please contact us.

Pre-Prescribing: When your doctor knows what medications you will be prescribed prior to surgery or another medical procedure, we offer medication delivery and pick up before scheduled procedures. This means you and your caregivers can focus on recovery, without having to worry about making a separate trip for your medications.

Prescription Synchronization: If you are taking multiple prescription medications over the course of a month, we can coordinate your prescription refills so you can collect them all on the same date or take advantage of our free medication delivery. Prescription synchronization is not only convenient – it also reduces incidents of negative prescription interactions and medication errors.

Specialty Packaging: We offer a variety of specialty packaging options that take the confusion out of taking medicine. With specialty prescription packaging, there is never a question of whether a dose has been taken.

Automatic refills for maintenance medications: The Drug Store of Perrysburg offers options for our customers; if patients prefer that we refill and deliver their maintenance medications on a monthly basis, then we can fulfill this request. For other patients, we utilize the automatic refill system to communicate with patients, their families, and other care providers to see what needs the patient has and if there have been any changes to his or her care.

Please call The Drug Store of Perrysburg at (419) 873-9100
with any questions you may have about our services.
Our goal is to be more than a source for prescriptions.
We want to be a part of the prescription for a better you.