Is The Drug Store of Perrysburg a boutique pharmacy or a traditional pharmacy?

We may look like a boutique pharmacy, but our pricing structure is comparable to retail pharmacies that offer a much lower level of service. Our licensed pharmacists will tell you that regardless of where you shop for prescription medication, the cost is driven by insurance companies. We offer traditional pharmacy values at the best possible prices. We can assure the patient that for the same co-payment prices, they will receive better and more personal care from us.

How are you different from a “big box” pharmacy?

The Drug Store of Perrysburg is a traditional pharmacy, and that means we offer truly personalized service and care. We get to know you and your health concerns, and we customize your care based on your needs and wants. Our goal is to be an important part of your health and wellness team.

What happens if I need assistance and The Drug Store is closed?

We understand that patients may have needs when The Drug Store is closed, so through our answering service we make ourselves available outside of business hours, by phone and under certain circumstances, in person. Our answering service can put you through to one of our pharmacists, any time day or night, as necessary. Also, we are available via our answering service to assist the hospital and your doctor with vital information about your medications. And in some cases, our pharmacists will meet you at your home to help you get the medication you need.

Can you speak directly to my doctor or insurance company about my medications?

Yes. Because we believe that advocacy is an important element of what we do, we routinely speak to our customers’ physicians and insurance companies. In some cases, we may call doctors to discuss drug interactions or a customer’s overall healthcare plan. In others, we may get in contact with an insurance company on behalf of a customer to discuss the cost of a particular medication. We know that the medical establishment can be confusing – we want to make it easier to get the prescriptions you need. We believe that communication between the insurance company, physician, The Drug Store of Perrysburg, and the patient is vital to the best care for you.

Do you carry durable medical equipment and home healthcare supplies?

Yes. Please see our durable medical equipment page and home healthcare supplies page for more information. We strive to educate our patients and their families about their supplies and answer any questions about their care.

What happens if I can’t pay for my prescription?

We believe that no one should have to go without medication they need. Our licensed pharmacists are empowered to make decisions about pricing in the moment because we understanding the variety of patient needs. We are not bound by corporate policy to maximize how much a patient pays for their medications; instead, we try to be fair when we price out a patient’s medication. For customers who don’t have insurance, we can create monthly billing schedules so the overall cost is less than it would be at a retail pharmacy. We make decisions on a case by case basis because we want our customers to have their prescriptions in hand. We welcome patients that may be forced to mail-order pharmacy by their insurance companies to visit us; many times we can match or lower the costs of your prescriptions.

What is your prescription delivery boundary?

The Drug Store of Perrysburg is located in the heart of Perrysburg, Ohio. However, we are able to reach all corners of the Greater Toledo area. The towns and areas we deliver to include Bowling Green, Point Place, Walbridge, Sylvania, Ottawa Hills, Oregon, Maumee, Waterville, East Toledo, Monclova, Downtown Toledo, South Toledo, Swanton, and several other communities. For patients outside of these areas, we can discuss options for shipment of medication that satisfies both the patient and us. To find out if we deliver to your neighborhood, please contact us.