Diabetic Supplies

A Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes diagnosis can bring with it a whole new way of living. Gestational diabetes, a temporary condition that can occur during pregnancy, may also be life-changing. At The Drug Store of Perrysburg in Ohio, we know that living with diabetes is anything but easy – and yet, having the right diabetic supplies can make diabetes just another part of your life. Our priority is making sure that you and your family always have the right tools to manage diabetes, including diabetic testing supplies and more. We provide education to the patient about their condition so that they understand how to take back control of their health.

Proper diabetes management is vital to maintaining wellness and diminishing instances of sores, digestion issues, impotence, heart attack, and stroke related to diabetes. We know that our customers’ health may depend on our carrying the best quality diabetic supplies and diabetic testing supplies because so many of the secondary effects of diabetes can be delayed or avoided altogether with proper management. We are committed to helping our customers in Perrysburg and the Greater Toledo area who are living with diabetes manage their self-care, which is why our team will always offer you the support and encouragement you need when you visit us.

If you ever have questions about diabetes management just ask. Our pharmacists are here to discuss diabetes symptoms and diabetes complications, as well as your medications, diet, and lifestyle. Remember, the goal of The Drug Store of Perrysburg has always been to be more than just a source for your prescriptions. We want to be a part of the prescription for a better you.